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Did you know the AWCZ Clubhouse is the perfect venue for an art exhibition?


Through our Gallery at the Club program local and international artists are invited to exhibit their artwork in our Clubhouse. The wall space of our Function and Board rooms plus hallways offer ‘prime’ exhibition real estate for your work, without ‘prime’ prices.  Exhibitions are arranged on a two or three month basis with discounted pricing available for AWCZ members.

Past exhibitions have included such notable artists as: Lena Zindan, Paul Smith, Anni Doré, Angie Steele, Michelle Bird, Melitta Progsch, Paedi Muntwyle, Sarah Tobler, Rächi Kung, Sarah Galea Keating, Michael Albrow, Nicola Ganser, Pierre Schwarzenbach, Maka Dadini, Amanda Gmuer and Rae Alexander.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, exhibit your work through the Gallery at the Club program at the AWCZ Clubhouse.  Centrally located in the city of Zurich our Clubhouse is open four days a week or on request for visitors to view work.  Artists have the opportunity to host an opening (vernissage) or closing (finassage) event, may include an announcement in our Round Robin magazine and on our website and, time permitting, attend a coffee morning.  More details available in our Gallery at the Club Terms.

Our upcoming 2014-2015 artist exhibition schedule includes:

  • March 2014 - Susan Buchser
  • April/May 2014 - Mafise Moeini
  • June/July/August 2014 - AVAILABLE 
  • September/October 2014 - Amanda Gmuer
  • November/December 2014/January 2015 - Paul Smith

 For more information about Gallery at the Club or to book your exhibition (group shows of multiple artists welcome), 

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