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Activities: Arts & Culture


Art Guild

The Art Guild is the group for AWCZ who enjoys visiting exhibitions, productions, performances or holding in-house workshops in:

  • Fine and modern arts
  • Fashion designing & costume creation
  • Music composition & performance
  • Modern dance and classical ballet choreography & performance
  • Opera composition libretto, music, singing & staging

For more information, please contact Art Guildand you will be added to the Group Chat.

    Writers Group

    In the AWCZ Writers Group, we don't just talk about writing—we write. Short stories, poetry, screenplays, novels: our members are working in all of these genres and more. We offer a supportive atmosphere for women writers working at all levels. Some of us are published writers, and others are just getting started.

    We write in English, but our life histories are as varied as our home countries. We're young and old; we're stay-at-home moms and successful professionals. We are all writers.

    Please contact us for more details.


    Explore Switzerland with us! We venture out to visit different parts of this country we now call home.

    To appeal to a variety of tastes and interests, we vary our regions, activities, events, and days for our destinations. Come enjoy this beautiful place with us and see all it has to offer. We visit festivals, celebrations, exhibits, and traditions unique to Switzerland – the planning is more fun with friends!

    Last minute adventures are posted on the private AWCZ Facebook page.

    If you are interested or would like to participate, please contact

    Movie Group Meetup (MGM)

    If you love movies, sign up to be notified of the
    latest releases we’ll see as a group. Contact to be put on the e-mail list
    or to join the WhatsApp group.

    Living In Zurich

    This group brings together established Zurich residents with folks new to the area, even if you aren't yet a member. We offer informal presentations on topics relevant to living in Zurich with plenty of time for questions and discussions.

    Our membership remembers the challenges of being new in town and wants to pay forward the help we were all given. Come ask your questions and bring suggestions for future discussion topics. Everyone's welcome, but after attending a maximum of three Club events, we invite you to become a member and enjoy the full benefits.

    Contact Living In Zurich for details on upcoming dates and topics.

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