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The AWCZ is a founding member of FAWCO, an international network of around 12,000 members in 64 clubs spanning 34 countries. This not-for-profit, UN-accredited organization promotes the interests of American citizens living abroad. FAWCO contributes to the global community through development grants, educational awards and support for disaster relief funds. As a member of the AWCZ, you are also a member of FAWCO.

FAWCO is an international federation of independent organization whose mission is to build strong support networks for its American and international membership; to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide; to advocate for the rights of U.S. citizens overseas; and to mobilize the skills of its membership in support of global initiatives for education, the environment, health and human rights. 

FAWCO serves as a resource and channel of information for its members, promotes the rights of U.S. citizens living overseas and contributes to the global community through philanthropy and global issues task forces.

A not-for-profit New York-based corporation, FAWCO is also a UN-accredited NGO with Special Consultative Status to the UN Economic and Social Council.

The philanthropic arm of FAWCO - The FAWCO Foundation - is an independent entity, which has donated more than $1,000,000 in educational awards and development grants since its inception in 1967.

FAWCO’s members and volunteers are motivated individuals who care about the world and want to make it a better place. FAWCO’s overarching goal is to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide, especially in the areas of human rights, health, education and the environment.


  • January 29, 2023 11:12 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This year the vote is between 3 very deserving projects.

    1. Awesome Blossoms: Edible Fresh Fields for Sustainable Life in the Slums of Nairobi, a project of Safe Spaces Organization, Awesome Blossoms.pdf

    2. Love for the Sea: Empowering Indigenous Women through Coral Restoration, a project of the Caribbean Coral Restoration Center, Love for the Sea.pdf

    3. Wing Woman Lebanon, a project of Stand for Women. Wing Woman Lebanon.pdf

    All it takes is 5 - 8 minutes to read over the 3 projects and vote for the one you would like to see win. Vote here:

    The votes will be tallied and the one with the most votes will be submitted as the AWCZ vote. Please cast your votes by the 14th of February, the winner will be announced on March 26, 2023.

  • November 10, 2022 10:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Be sure to check out this edition of FAWCO's Inspiring Women Magazine.

  • October 17, 2022 01:21 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The FAWCO Foundation Education Awards Program was created by and for FAWCO and FAUSA members.  The cornerstones of the program are the importance of fostering peace through knowledge and the belief that education is essential to developing peace-loving attitudes in children. The FAWCO Foundation seeks to promote international understanding and goodwill by offering these annual awards for study in the U.S. or abroad at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.  The Program rewards and honors academic excellence and the all-around achievements of our members and their families.  

    Since the program's inception in 1972, FAWCO members and their families from around the globe have benefited from the Education Awards.  Each year, The Foundation adjusts the program to address the changing needs of members and their children.

    Who is eligible?

    The Foundation Awards Program is open to all FAWCO and FAUSA members and their children, regardless of nationality, and regardless of whether or not the affiliated Club has made a contribution to The Foundation’s programs.  The Dual Cultural Award is also available to members' grandchildren and has its own specific nationality requirements.

    PLEASE NOTE: Efffective immediately, applicants must have been a member of a FAWCO club or FAUSA or have been an individual member of FAWCO for a minimum of 16 months by the January 27, 2023 application deadline. i.e. You must have been a member as noted above by September 27, 2021.

    Members (and the children/grandchildren) of the Board of Directors of FAWCO, The FAWCO Foundation and FAUSA are not eligible for Education Awards.

    How to Apply

    Do you or your child/grandchild plan on submitting an application for the 2023 Awards? Please consult the Month-by-Month Application Timeline below for some useful advice on timely submission of your application. Feel free to use the Watermarked Education Award Applications to gather your information and transfer that information to the 2023 application when it is available in the fall.

    The 2023 Education Award Applications are NOW available.

    Academic Awards 2023

    These awards support the educational endeavors of the children of our FAWCO family.


    Arts Award    $4000, sponsored in part by the family and friends in memory of Jessie Rodell, former President of the AWC of The Hague, and her son, Quinn Rodell 

    For undergraduate or graduate study in the history, theory and/or practice of the performing arts, visual arts, film and media arts, architecture or graphic arts.


    Sciences Award    $4000, sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa and the Bacigalupo Family, in memory of Dr. Frieda Bacigalupo Natali

    For undergraduate or graduate study of the scientific subjects biology, chemistry and physics, as well as mathematics and medicine.


    Humanities Awards    $4000, sponsored in part by AAWE Paris, in memory of Gertrude de Gallaix

    For undergraduate or graduate study in fields including, but not limited to, education, law, social studies, history and languages.

    Non-University/Technical Award 2023

    Non-University and Technical Training Award     $4000

    For an individual enrolled in a training program or a course of study at a trade school, either of which will conclude with a vocational certification.

    Dual Cultural Award 2023

    This award is intended for children and grandchildren of FAWCO and FAUSA members who are between the ages of 13-18, hold a US Passport and have been living outside the USA for at least six years.

    Dual Cultural Award Eligibilty Requirements

    Dual Cultural Award - $3000  

    Sponsored in part by the AWC Bern and Donna Erismann in memory of Susanne Erismann

    To be used to attend a semester or year of American high school or an academic or structured educational summer program in the United States.

    Member Awards 2023

    These awards recognize the diverse lives of our members, their achievements, and their never-ending quest for knowledge and self-improvement.

    Shirley Kearney AWC Basel University Study Degree Award    $4000

    For continuing or resuming studies in an undergraduate or graduate level university degree program.


    FAUSA Skills Enhancement Award   $4000

    For acquiring new skills or enhancing already existing ones, which will allow a FAWCO or FAUSA member to become more capable, competent and confident by acquiring the skills to improve performance in any given field. 


    The FAWCO Foundation Skills Enhancement Award     $4000

    Sponsored in part by Carol McEowen from AWC Bern, recipient of the 2012 FAUSA Skills Enhancement Award

    For acquiring new skills or enhancing already existing ones, which will allow a FAWCO or FAUSA member to become more capable, competent and confident by acquiring the skills to improve performance in any given field.


    Continuing Education Award    $4000 

    Sponsored by Mary Stewart Burgheof the AWC Denmark, in memory of Pauline "Pete" Arnold Schweppe              

    For a FAWCO, FAUSA members to further their education at university or an equivalent level through courses, workshops, and certificate programs. Subjects can encompass all areas of interest—inter alia, journalism, writing, the arts, and philanthropy—as well as science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and medicine.

  • May 17, 2021 15:49 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    FAWCO Target Project 4.0 Wrap-Up

    Target Project 4.0, Safe Alternatives for FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) Elimination was wrapped up on March 4, 2022. The monetary goal was set at $140,000 and I’m happy to say we reached $176.000 through fundraising. Proudly our Club raised $2524 over the last 3 years, even with the challenge of Covid for 2 of those years.

    Through the funds raised FAWCO was able to:

    • Identify 523 families who had experienced FGM and offer them various forms of support, including extensive psychological counseling for the survivors, family and communities.
    • Hold 13 ARP (Alternative Rites of Passage) ceremonies with more than 5,000 attendees.
    • Provide 810 dignity kits to the girls.
    • Reconcile 402 girls with their families, after the families signed a legal contract outlining their commitment to keep their daughters safe and not proceed with FGM or any other form of GBV (gender-based violence); regular follow-up is done to ensure this is adhered to.
    • Educate 1,126 women and girls on sexual and reproductive health, GBV, life skills and maternal and neonatal care.
    • Train 146 peer educators in ways to support the fight to eliminate FGM.
    • Provide 20 women′s groups with seed funding to start income-generating projects.
    • Conduct empowerment meetings in five villages with 200 attendees.
    • Provide extensive community and school awareness, including roadshows, school awareness sessions, film screening sessions, leaflets, women’s forums, radio programs and billboards.
    • And finally, all important, establishing even closer relationships with various role players at central and local government level.

    Always remember:

    “One person can make a difference. You don't have to be a big shot. You don't have to have a lot of influence. You just have to have faith in your power to change things.”

    Norman Vincent Peale

    Onward to Target Project 5.0. Our Natural Environment: Empowering Women and Girls to Ensure a Sustainable Future

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